About Us

As the name suggest ,we’re known for our tangy, spicy, fiery and 100% vegetarian food (specially for vegan)


Craving something really tasty? Spice Grill Flame is the place where you can be! “Spice Grill Flame” is passionate about trying a wide variety of dishes and serving all of our customers taste buds with love and awesome ambience. SGF was started in 2012 by Mr. Kewal Ahuja and hereby we have successfully completed our 10 years in this industry

Our Main USP is in Soy Products and we can officially say that SGF is truly a paradise for all the veg food fanatics. SGF is a great choice for vegetarians as they offer delicious food options

A humble beginning with 2 outlets Mr. Kewal Ahuja had a very deep vision to take this brand across the globe with tasty protein chaaps & north Indian cuisine .

Today with 65+ outlets across India ,which has been an organic growth so far ,SGF has managed to be recognized not only as the finest restaurants serving a wide range of Nutritious and delectable vegetarian food ,but also a successful business with economical investment plan.



Meet Kewal Ahuja, the passionate visionary behind SGF. With a love for quality vegetarian cuisine and a knack for business, Kewal’s journey began with a simple idea – to create a franchise that prioritizes excellence above all else. Today, his leadership continues to drive SGF’s success, inspiring a commitment to quality and innovation in every dish we serve.


Say hello to Rajeev Dhakre, the man behind the scenes ensuring SGF runs like a well-oiled machine. As Managing Director, Rajeev oversees the day-to-day operations of our over 100 kitchens across India. With his keen eye for detail and dedication to efficiency, Rajeev ensures that each SGF outlet delivers the same exceptional experience our customers have come to expect.


Meet Harleen Kaur, the driving force behind SGF’s growth and expansion. As Business Development Head, Harleen spearheads our efforts to bring SGF’s delicious vegetarian cuisine to new markets and audiences. With her innovative marketing strategies and unwavering dedication, Harleen is instrumental in spreading the SGF love far and wide.